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End of life for Version 1 of the Mingle API

Suzie Prince
posted this on September 20, 2012, 6:22 PM

Hi everyone

This announcement is to notify Mingle customers that beginning with the next release of Mingle, ThoughtWorks Studios will no longer provide support for Version 1 of the Mingle API.

If you are currently using Version 1 of the API, you will need to update to Version 2. To learn more about how to use Version 2 of Mingle's API please refer to our API help.

We do not expect this change to impact many users of our APIs. In fact, if you are using our latest APIs (whose url will look like the following example), you do not need to make any changes.


For more information on our product lifecycle policy, please see the ThoughtWorks Studios Lifecycle Policy and for further detail about this announcement, please contact our support team.

- Mingle Team

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