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What’s new in Mingle 12.4?

Suzie Prince
posted this on December 12, 2012, 6:21 PM

Seasons Greetings! We are excited to announce that Mingle 12.4 is now generally available.

Mingle Plus enhancements

As you will recall in Mingle 12.2 we introduced Mingle Plus and our new Planner feature. With Mingle 12.4 we have extended the Program Management capabilities of Mingle Plus to include Programs, Program Backlogs and Plans as part of a complete Agile Program Management solution. 

Introducing Mingle Programs

Mingle’s Programs allow you to organise Mingle Projects into higher level groups with a Program Backlog and a Program Plan. Programs encourage collaboration and transparency across multiple projects and can help you overcome the problems that often hinder successful cross-team coordination and collaboration. They support the capture, prioritization, planning and tracking of objectives across Projects at the Program level.

Learn more about Mingle’s Programs.

Program Backlog

As part of its Program Management Solution, Mingle 12.4 now includes Program Backlogs.

Program Backlogs allow you to manage all the potential and upcoming work in your Program. By using the Program Backlog you can capture high level objectives that represent value and will be delivered as part of the Program. The Backlog supports prioritization and ranking objectives based relative value and size. Using the Backlog in combination with Plans (introduced in 12.2 - link to help) you can quickly move from prioritising objectives to planning them across projects.

Learn more about Mingle’s Program Backlog.

Other enhancements

You can now map a project’s “done” status to more than one value. For example, you can now set "done" to be all values greater than one specified value in your workflow. This allows you to get a more accurate view of work complete in a project at the Program level.

Mingle enhancements

Increased security for attachments

We have increased the security of Mingle’s card and wiki page attachments by ensuring that a user has the correct project permissions before accessing a Mingle attachment. This will ensure that no one can access attachments if they are not a member of the project that the attachment belongs to.

End of Life of the Mingle Jira connector

With the 12.4 release of Mingle, we will no longer provide support for the Mingle Jira connector built by ThoughtWorks Studios. For more information about this change, please see our community post.

Bug Fixes 

There are a number of bug fixes as part of this release. Find out all the details in this community post

How to get Mingle 12.4?

Please download the latest installers to take advantage of these new features. Details of the system requirements as well as detailed instructions on installing and upgrading to Mingle 12.4 can be found in our Mingle help.

We are excited to end the year on a new release of Mingle and hope you are too. Please join our Q & A community to share your thoughts.

- The Mingle Team