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Mingle 13.4 out now!

Melissa Doerken
posted this on November 21, 2013, 5:42 PM

Hi everyone!

The Mingle team is excited to announce some fantastic usability and performance improvements in Mingle 13.4. Check out this video and read on to learn more!

Grid view direct manipulation

We have made it much easier for teams to change their workflow as they learn and improve how they work. Teams can now add, remove, reorder states in their workflow, right on the card wall.


One click to save tab

We’ve also made it much easier to save changes you make to a tab. Again, all right there on the card wall.


Preview image on grid view

Have a mock-up that captures the gist of your story? Now you can see it in the mini card preview on the grid view.

New project creation page

When you create a new project, you'll now see updated graphics for our standard templates. Easy visuals can help you decide which template may be best for your team to get started. You can always change whatever template you choose as your team's process evolves.

Performance Improvements

We've refactored how we process resource intensive jobs, including daily history charts, email notifications, and objective forecasting charts. With these improvements, you should now see these jobs are completed and rendered faster.

End of life Oracle 10g

With Mingle 13.4, ThoughtWorks Studios will no longer provide support for Oracle 10g. Please read the full community announcement for details.

We also have 22 bug fixes available in 13.4.

Get the Release Now

If you are using Mingle in the Cloud, all the new features are already available on your Mingle site. If you are using Mingle Onsite, you can download the latest installer and upgrade your instance now. Please contact us if you have any questions.


As we continue our work to provide you even better usability and performance, we want to hear from you! Please provide feedback and participate in our forums. More soon!


Thank you!

- The Mingle team


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If you host #TW_Mingle onsite & upgraded to 13.4: we goofed. You’re missing a great feature. Here’s the fix

January 23, 2014, 12:49 AM