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    Marcus Campbell

    Hi  There are 2 field on my task and defect card types.

    1. Story Property

    2. Feature tree - Story


    Some tasks have both the fields set and some tasks have just the feature tree set and some neither field is set. This is a major problem as there are some reports that rely on having the 2 fields set. Is there a way of setting the "Story" property to the content of "feature tree - story". I also don't see the Story property listed in the card properties page. I've tried exporting into excel the fields but the fields contain "#" or "-" and the import chooses to ignore those fields.   HELP. 

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    Huimin Li

    Hi Marcus,

    Which template are you using? I don't think it is expected behavior that Mingle ignores card properties with "#" or "-" fields during excel importing. I suspect that the the fields got ignored because it is a tree relationship property. To update tree property via Excel import you need:

    • Include a column using the tree name as column header, and the corresponding row values set to ‘Yes’
    • Include all relationship properties which belong to the tree

    We have an example on our online help. Please check out the "Import cards to a tree" section. Let me know whether it helps. 





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