Add task to multiple stories?



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    Jay Mitchell

    Here are a few options:

    • Add a comment as a murmur from the task and include all of the story numbers in the comment. E.g., "This task is related to #123, #456 and #789." This comment will then be shown on those stories.

    • Tag all of the stories as being related to the task.

    • Create a "related task" card property that is associated with story card types. Set the related stories values to be the task.

    • Create a Task > Story tree. Add your task to the tree and the stories as the task's children.

    The first option, using murmurs, is very lightweight and flexible. The advantage of the tag approach over the murmurs approach is that the tags are queriable in filters and MQL. The last two options are more structured, but have a limitation on how many tasks a story can be associated with.

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