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    Ian Bridson

    Scot, I am not aware of a query syntax that will let you reference a relationship of property on a related card of differnt type, but i think the following snippet may give you what you want by comparing the story card's iteration with a project variable (current iteration) to give a list of open stories that are past their planned iteration.

    {{ table query: SELECT name,number WHERE Type =story AND 'Story Status' <'Awaiting sign off' and iteration < (Current iteration)}}

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    I tried that, but it says:

    Comparing between property ‘Planning Tree – Iteration’ and project variable (Current Iteration) is invalid as they are not associated with each other

    Any thoughts?

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    Ian Bridson
    Ok, I think you have to make the project variable available for that property, so go into Project variables and edit the (current Iteration). At the bottom put a check against the 'Planning Tree -itaration' property, and save. Then they should be associated.
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    Awesome, I totally missed that, thanks!  It works perfectly now.

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    Huimin Li

    Hi Scott:

    Right now there is no mql syntax supported by Mingle to query child cards directly by property of their parents. However we do have story planned to support this, and hopefully it will come soon.  We will let you know when it is available.


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    Jay Mitchell

    Hi All,

    We have added a beta feature to get children cards based on properties of parent cards in Mingle 3.3. This is rather technically referred to as "nested IN."

    Scot, If I understand your post correctly, your table query would be something like:

    query: SELECT number, name
    WHERE type=Story
    AND 'Planning Tree - Iteration' IN (SELECT number WHERE 'end date' < TODAY)

    Note: I have split the query over multiple lines for readability. The query should be on a single line in Mingle.


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