Default value for Story card producing unexpected results




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    Jennifer Marley

    Hi Yen

    I am unable to reproduce this behvior.  Can you provide me with a little more information so that I can try to assist you.  How are you creating the new story cards, via 'Save and Add another', via card quick add, via 'Add with Detail' button?  Which version of Mingle are you running?



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    Yen-yei Cheong

    Hi Jen

    I have tried both via the card quick add links that I have put at the top of pages and also the 'Add' button and they both seem to create story cards with the iteration set to I1.1, even though it should be (not set).



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    Jennifer Marley

    Hi again.

    Apologies for my delayed response.

    Are you using Mingle 2.3.1?  There is a known defect in Mingle 2.3.1 that could be causing the problem you are seeing.  The defect is related to using Project variables in card defaults.  Once a card/tree property project variable is used as a value of a card/tree property on a card default, it cannot be removed.  The card/tree property on the card defaults page will appear to be (not set), but the value will still be the value of the project variable.

    This issue has been fixed in our 3.0 release, which can be downloaded from the Studios website.  There is also a workaround in the 2.3.1 release for the issue that I describe above.  Deleting the project variable that was used in the card default should enable the card/tree property to be set to (not set) again.

    I hope this helps.


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