Can a higher level card type automatically be set based on a lowel level being manually set?




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    Michael Long

    This may very well be right under your nose. On the Story card, try selecting the Feature first: the Capability and Component properties should automatically be set once you do that.

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    I just tried that and no luck.  Only the feature value was set, Capability and Component remain not set.  Did I possible set the tree up incorrectly in the first place?

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    Frenette, Michael

     You can also do one of these two things:

    Hover over a card in a tree and select add new card.  The new card will add as the card type next down in the hierarchy.


    You can also click the Add Card link, lower left on the Grid view, then click Add With Detail.  When the first card has been added, click "SAVE AND ADD ANOTHER".  The new card will already have many of the same properties as the card you just added. This button appears when you edit a card too.


    Hope this helps.


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    Huimin Li

    Hi Allen:

    Where did you try? on card show or on card edit page? If you tried on edit page, the parent value will not be updated until you save the card.

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