Formula (on a card property) isn't calculating...




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    Suzie Prince
    Hi there
    Formula properties should be updated immediately when component properties are. If you are updating the component properties on the card but the formula is not updated this is not expected.
    Some things to bear in mind...
    Aggregates are not calculated immediately. If your formula is summing one or more aggregates that could be the issue.
    If the aggregate is dividing by a value of zero you may have a "divide by zero" issue.
    Prior to 3.3.1 and if the correct option is not selected, if any component property value was (not set) the formula would be (not set).
    If none of these seems to be the issue it may be easier for us to diagnose the problem by working with you more closely on this. Can you contact our support team on They will be able to provide more support.
    Thanks Suzie
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    Suzie, we are on version 2.2... what "option" do I have to select correctly to make this work?

    The formula is simply a sum of component numeric properties...  Some have a value of (not set).

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    Huimin Li

    Hi Mikey: 

    The reason you get (not set) as formula result is because some component properties are (not set). In 2.2, Mingle does not treat (not set) as zero in formula calculation. Mathematically speaking, null is not equal to zero. For example, If I have a story, having the estimate (not set) means it has not been estimated, which different from that it has been estimated but the number is 0.

    And also, we understand that in some use cases, (not set) and 0 means same thing to user (like what you are experiencing), so in 3.3.1, we added the ability for users to choose whether they want Mingle treat (not set) as zero or not during formula calculation. The "option" Suzie mentioned is a checkbox on property definition page. If you upgrade to the latest version of Mingle, you should be able to see that. 


    Hope this helps. 


    -- Huimin

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    Suzie Prince


    We'd love to help you get upgraded to a newer version of Mingle so you can make use of the latest features. I'm sure you'd love them!

    Can we help with this at all?


    - Suzie

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    I work in a large corporation...  and sometimes things take longer than they should :)  I've nudged a few people to get the upgrade going, and am hoping to see it soon!

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