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    Matt Quagliana

    I don't have an answer for #2, but there is a way to implement #1. (BTW... in the future it's best to split these into two posts.)

    You can't put that formula (TODAY - 7) into  a MQL query. But you can put a formula property onto a card. Suppose you have Task cards that have a "Due Date" property. Let's you want to generate a report showing all tasks due within the next seven day. Here's how

    Create a new Formula property on the Task card called "Due Soon". Set the formula to "Due Date - 7". Make this a hidden property.

    Create a table on a wiki page with this query:

    SELECT Name, Number WHERE TYPE = TASK AND "Due Soon" <= TODAY AND "Due Date" >= TODAY

    This will show you all of the Tasks that are due soon, but not the ones that are overdue.

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    Jay Mitchell

    Right now, you can't delegate from a custom macro to a built-in macro. I've added this request to the Mingle backlog. I could have used this feature recently as well. However, you can create an instance of another custom macro and use it to generate your table. For example, you might be able to use the enhanced table macro to create your table. (I haven't used that macro and there is a comment that it didn't work for somebody.)

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