Daily history chart not reflecting updated tree attributes




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    Suzie Prince

    Hi there

    The Daily History Chart will only show historical data so if the tasks were not associated to the current iteration in the past they will not show on the chart at previous dates. Only from the date they were added to the current iteration will they show on the chart for that iteration.... so if you added them today I would expect them to show for today and in the future (unless you remove them again!) but not the past. Does that account for what you are seeing?

    With regard to the issue with the history - had you previously updated the iteration attribute on those cards? If so, it looks like there may be an issue with your history generation. I would suggest contacting our support team at support@thoughtworks.com to get further assistance on this issue as it likely requires deeper understanding of your project structure and setup than I have from reading your post to resolve.


    - Suzie

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    Shyam Mohan

    I added the stories (and indirectly it's descendant tasks) to the iteration more than a week ago, when the iteration began. Every day the graph includes the task cards in that iteration for the current day, but not for the previous days in the iteration.

    Do I need to explicitly assign the descendant cards to the Iteration as well?

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    Suzie Prince

    No the tasks should be added as well if addition was via the tree structure. Do the transition cards show that they are in current iteration? Does their history show that they were added to the tree a week ago?

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