Generating higher level 'project health' metrics in Mingle




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    Jay Mitchell

    Hi Chris,

    Great question. The Mingle team is looking at some of these higher-level concepts for an upcoming release, so any input on what people are looking for is appreciated.

    The daily history chart that was introduced in 3.2 should be able to help answer the two examples you mentioned. For example, the following daily history chart is an example we used on the Mingle team's Mingle project to chart all bugs vs. closed bugs for four years of Mingle data:



        aggregate: COUNT(*)

        start-date: Sept 1, 2006

        end-date: Sept 1, 2010

        chart-conditions: type = bug


        - label: All

          color: Red

        - conditions: 'bug status' = closed

          label: Closed

          color: Green


    We have since added a story (not yet implemented) to allow the "end-date" parameter to be TODAY so that the report will stay up to date.


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    Chris Leon

    We're still on 3.1, I'll definitely take a look when we upgrade.

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