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    Badri Janakiraman

    Hey davisn

    I would not recommend working with data from an activemq data directory that is not consistent. It looks like there might have been data corruption on the activemq data directory from the previous box.

    My suggestion would be do the following.

    • Shut down Mingle

    • Delete the activemq data directory that you copied over

    • Restart Mingle; this will recreate the activemq data directory on this machine.

    • Log in to the Mingle instance as a user with Mingle administrator privileges

    • For each project on the instance, navigate to their “Advanced admin” section under the “Project Admin” tab

    • Click the following links on that page, just once.

      • “Recalculate aggregates”

      • “Rebuild history index”

      • “Murmurs and card linking”

      • "Rebuild search index”

      • “Rebuild revision cache”

    • Be aware that these are long running operations. They could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete based on your project size and number of projects. 

    • You will lose your project history and text search capabilities temporarily while these jobs are running. 

    • Be assured though, that the data will reappear and these features will be fully functional again as soon as they complete.

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