Managing QA test runs with Mingle




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    Badri Janakiraman

    Hey Joe - have you played around with the Mingle REST API documented here ->

    You could create cards & set appropriate properties after a test run. Would that be something useful to you?  

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    Joseph M Zenevitch

    My client is not on 3.0 yet. I think I see where you are going with that suggestion, but the QA group here is doing manual regression testing. So it would have to be something that the tester does to update the testing status.

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    Badri Janakiraman

    I hear you about the manual testing, Joe.

    Just to clarify the other point though; you do not have to be on 3.0 to use the API. It is available as of older versions of Mingle as well, though it is slightly different. 

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    Hey Badri,

    I'm new to Mingle, I'd like to know if mingle is better than or equally good as QC. 

    In QC we can have multiple test cycles to test the functionalities deployed, also do a regression suite on the test cases once tested earlier. Is there a way in Mingle to do the same? And please let me know any pros and cons about Mingle over QC. 

    Could you also let me what are the pre-requisites needed to start testing in Mingle? 

    Appreciate your help Badri,


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    Badri Janakiraman


    In the spirit of complete transparency, I am no QC expert. In addition, I do not know how your organization uses QC - or understand the value it brings to your software delivery processes.

    We, on the Mingle team, use Mingle alone for defect tracking and do not tie specific test plans to specific bugs/stories in any external tools. We find that this works very well for us; but then again, this is our process and our product, so this is likely a slightly biased response ;)

    However, here are some things that come to mind -

    • Given that you are just starting out with Mingle, I would advise you to start small - tracking just stories and bugs. As you get more familiar with Mingle, you may get a better understanding of how to use it to do things you currently do in QC. Maybe then, you might be in a better position to move your QC workflow into Mingle.

    • If you are looking for a new testing tool, you can use our testing product: Twist

    • If you do determine that you would us to help you build some customized QC-Mingle integrations, you can contact us at

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks Badri!! Really appreciate your response! Will get back to you asap.

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