How to enforce an required property entry at card creation time




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    Bonna Choi

    Hi Rainer -

    You can't make any property to be required upon creation of the card in the current version of Mingle. 

    However this is the feature that's been requested by quite a few other users in the past, so we are considering to implement this in future releases.

    We will update the community when this happens. Thanks.

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    Fred Bang

    I'd like to cast my vote for this feature as well.

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    Ron Olson

    Would like this as well.


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    l bascle

    any news on that? otherwise what is the link to the main feature request so we can vote?

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    Leo Kwong

    Hi Laurence,

    This is the official feature request thread for this particular feature. We are also keeping track of this thread as well, so it's not necessary to post in both.

    We have yet to prioritize this story, but it is currently in our backlog. We will update you and the rest of the community when we plan to work on this feature.




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