Starting a burn-up chart- seems to plot an iteration not part of a release




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    Suzie Prince


    I think the issue is related to the fact that the conditions parameter only limits the data available to the series and not what x axis labels are shown.

    You can limit the Iterations shown by using x-labels-end e.g. x-labels-end: 'I1.5' or by using x-labels-conditions e.g. x-labels-conditions: Type = Iteration and 'Release Tree - Release' = 'R1'

    Please give this a try and let us know if you get the chart that you want.


    - Suzie

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    Yen-yei Cheong


    Thanks for your reply.

    The graph actually plots a point for iteration 6 (with the same storypoint value as iteration 5), even though it's not part of the release.

    I imagine adding x-labels-end: 'I1.5' would only crop the graph, but wouldn't actually resolve the underlying issue. I have also tried x-labels-conditions: Type = Iteration and 'Release Tree - Release' = 'R1' which seems to resolve the issue.

    Hmmm .. seems a bit confusing that you need to add this 'x-labels-conditions'- shouldn't the condition on the data series already restrict the points being plotted?



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