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    Badri Janakiraman

    Thomas - a couple of things I can suggest right off the bat without getting into machine specifics - is to upgrade to Mingle 2.3 & 2.3.1 as soon as it comes out by the end of May.

    Next up, could you please forward us the details of your machine configuration - specifically - how many processor cores does it have, available memory and your mingle logs. That way - we can determine if the performance you are seeing is something that can be improved. You can contact the support team with this information. 

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    Brett Leonard


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    First off, I'm currently running Mingle on my home server, and routing traffic using DynDNS. That being said, next week Mingle will live on a single Intel Quad Core 2.5GHz with 4GB RAM running Windows 2008 Server (My home system is bascially the same, except it's a Dual Core 3.0GHz). The server also runs PHP, MySQL, IIS, FTP, etc.

    Also, I did just upgrade to Mingle 2.3, and I defintely feel like Mingle is much more responsive and quick to load.

    As far as logs, are you talking about mingle.log, stdout.log, stderr.log?


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    Badri Janakiraman


    Thanks for that info. To determine if your system is responding in a timely manner, we need the mingle.log file, which contains response times for each request. If this looks to be in line with expectations, you may need to look into your network configuration.

    For best client end performance, we suggest you use either Firefox3 or Safari 3. For best database performance, we suggest you run on PostgreSQL.

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