story in multiple statuses at once




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    Frenette, Michael

     You could have multiple Statuses - one for each activity that could be carried on concurrently - such us UI-Status, Dev-Status, etc.

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    Wes Williams

    Thanks, that is something to try, I have a lot of statuses currently for a UI heavy team but this might work.

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    Suzie Prince

    Hey Wes

    Have you ever created a physical wall that shows what you want? If so, can you describe how that looked?


    - Suzie

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    Wes Williams

    Hey Suzie,


    We do not have it down exactly how we would like it. But here is where our UI heavy team is. 

    # Design Tracking view - We have the business team and the UX/UI team looking at stories coming up.

    ## These stories are in our 'ready for design' - 'ac created' statuses

    ## In reallity it is some combination of stuff in the current iteration, always prioritized highest in their queue, and a few big stories for the next iteration.

    # Current Iteration view - This view is talking through stories actively being developed as you would expect

    ## At times these stories need to get additional design changes and this is where I will discuss with the team today about adding an addition UI + In Development status to indicate both are happening. (not done in the attachements)

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    Wes Williams

    second attachment for previous comment:


    There are a couple of issues with our current views.


    1) There are a few too many statuses to look at when viewing all of them within the context of the current iteration.

    2) Our designers and business people work a little bit ahead to make sure a good starting design and AC are there to get development going in the next iteration

    3) We could put all of this design and AC work in the iteration but it tended to clutter the view of the primary focus. Not that the AC and design work or not important.  However, this causes us to have two view which has been good and bad. Good in that it made UX and AC prioritieis more clear and visible. Bad in we look at two views during our standups.

    Clearly an area of improvement would be the ability to make ux design and ac decisions faster so we can do this all within the iteration. We are not there fully hince the two views.

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