tagged_with in MQL?




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    Huimin Li

    Hi Peter:

    Which chart are you using to draw your burn down chart? "data-series-chart" or "daily history chart"? Can you show us the mql mockup of your chart?

    For regular MQL, you should be able to use "tagged with" to filter cards in mql. Just put "tagged with" (without underscore) in the where condition. More information on this help link.

    However we do have some limitations to use tagged with historical information (AS OF, and daily history chart). You can check the "Limitations" section on this help link.

    If we have more information about the chart mockup you are using, it would easier for us to identify the problem or suggest a work-around.

    Thank you.

    -- Huimin

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    Ah, great! Thank you!

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