text above bullet/numbered lists displaying in smaller font




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    Jay Mitchell

    Thanks for reporting this bug Matt. I have logged it.

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    William DePhillips


    Thanks for reporting this issue to us. The Mingle team has taken a look at this issue. The root cause is due to a known bug in the version of RedCloth library Mingle ships with, and this bug has been fixed in the latest version of RedCloth. But there are some known UTF-8 characters issues with the latest version of RedCloth as well, and that's why the Mingle team has not proceeded with the upgrade just yet. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no better workaround than the one you suggested.

    We'll keep you posted once we have the issue resolved. Thanks again for reporting this issue.

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    Matt Deniston

    Thanks. As I'm sure you know, there are other oddities in the rendering since the last update. Stuff like vertical spacing after tables. Workarounds I've found involve adding lots of <br> tags throughout, which is not really the point of a wiki. ;)


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