MQL/Formulas and Calculations with Project Variables




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    Suzie Prince

    Hey Adam

    1. You're correct Mingle does not support mathmatical functions in MQL. This plugin macro however, may be of interest to you though as this supports basic arithmetic expressions comprised of MQL statements.

    2. We plan to support project variables in formulas soon. Please see this feature request.


    - Suzie

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    Chris Leon

    Suzie, are there plans to support math in functions?  I was just working on creating a table that would tell me a list of tasks that were running over their estimate, using something like where 'Work Estimate' > TODAY-'Reporting Dev begun', but obviously this failed because that date arithmetic isn't supported.  And I'm assuming you can't use macro results inside of other macros/table definitions, right?

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    Suzie Prince

    Hi Chris

    There are no immediate plans to add arithmetic natively in MQL or our macros. You can however, use the formula properties to do date arithmetic such as TODAY - 'Reporting Dev begun'. The resulting formula value should be a number which can be compared to "Work Estimate' using the <> operators.

    Finally, if this does not meet your requirements, it might be worthwhile adding this request to the Calculator macro I mentioned in my previous post as I understand they may be continuing development on that macro and they may be able to add something to help you before we would.

    Thanks Suzie

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    Fred Bang

    We have a need for performing basic math operators on property values in MQL as well.  Looking at the plug-in macro mentioned above, it does not work cross-project.

    I'm trying to build a Mingle project that provides statistics across many other Mingle projects.  Something as simple as computing 'effort remaining' as the difference between 'estimate' and 'actual-to-date' is not currently possible.

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