Access updated_at property via MQL




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    Adam Monago

    Hi Blair,

    The created/modified on properties are not accessible via MQL or the filters at this point in time, although it’s our goal to expose these in one of the upcoming releases. The option you propose would be the way to handle this now; that is, create a transition to update a date property when the development effort (or whatever activity you are measuring) is completed.

    More updates to come when we resolve the scheduling of the item you asked about.


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    Mo Li

    I have met the same situation.  Here I wrote in detail of what Adam has said at

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    Russell Ball

    I implemeted limo's idea and it works well.

    I have added a Hold status in the task card to allow dev's to add their hours work and work reminaing and put the task on hold. This is needed if the work spans over a weekend as it's difficult to calulate in mingle.

    By having a 'Task Estimate', 'Task Actual', 'Task Remaining','Task Overall', 'Modify Today' I can get a good Burn Up chart and Planning page , that gives an overview of the project.



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