How often do you use Mingle's help panels?




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    Stuart Saxton

    I never use the help panels, I find they take up too much room, and I hide them. I do not think they add to the experience of Mingle use.


    I think that the sections with quick adds and hide quick adds would be better layed out as the favourites panel so they take up less real estate, and allow more room for the card wall.

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    �I turned them off after a cursory look. But I was familiar with Mingle before they came along.
    Not sure about our newbies. I kind of wish I could edit the content in them so they can describe our unique processes as much as the basic UI.
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    Wes Williams

    They are helpful when for a new feature the first time I see it. Generally I turn them off after the first time I see them. It looks like your responses are from fairly experienced people. Might need a way other than the forum on linked in to reach novice users.

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    I agree with matt, I turned them off but all my newbies has them on. And I also agree that I wish I could edit some of the content in them.

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    Michael Long

    @lisa Can you tell me more about the newbies that keep the closable panels open? Would you mind forwarding this discussion on to them?

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    I've noticed that the new users I've watched use Mingle didn't realize they could turn it off.  It would be better if it showed up for the first 3 or 4 logins and then disappeared automatically.


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