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    Jay Mitchell

    Hi Ange,

    Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the data series chart. Right now, the x-axis labels are not affected by the conditions parameter. In some situations, you can use x-labels-conditions to get around this, however this is not one of those cases. (We have a story to change that, but it has not been played yet.) One workaround that people have used is to create an "iteration name" property and then select that property rather than name in your series data parameter. I.e.,

        conditions: type = Iteration
        cumulative: true
        show-start-label: true
        x-title: Time
        y-title: Progress
        chart-height: 500
        chart-width: 800
        - data: SELECT "Iteration Name", Sum('Planned velocity') WHERE 'Planned velocity' IS NOT NULL AND Type = Iteration
          color: red
          trend: true
          trend-line-width: 2
          label: Planned

    "Iteration Name" has the same behavior as "Name", but tends to work because there are fewer "Iteration Name" values than "Name" values to show on the x-axis.


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