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    Ken Mugrage


    Email in Mingle is a "pull" operation, as opposed to a "push" operation. What this means is that your users can subscribe to the types of changes they would like to be notified of.

    Your specific request is a very popular use case. If you look at the history tab in your project, you'll notice the ability to filter on the right hand side. At the top the user can choose cards, and then set a before and after state they are interested in. If they filter on the owner field in only the after state, they will be notified whenever anything is changed on a card they own. They could filter it down more by choosing other filter fields as well. For your specific case they could filter on status = ready for signoff and the owner field. 

    Once they have the filter defined, they can choose a notification option under "Watch This?" on the bottom of the right hand bar. They can then choose to be notified via email or a feed.

    I hope this helps!

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