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    Suzie Prince

    Hey Scot

    What do you mean by biggest? Largest number "estimate" property?


    - Suzie

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    Thanks for the fast response!  Largest number, but I have several "top 10" lists I would like to create.  Top ten oldest issues, etc.  I can "order by" what I want I just don't know the keyword to limit the return.

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    Jay Mitchell

    Hi Scot,

    Unfortunately, there isn't a native way to do this using a table query. I have added your request to our story backlog.

    In the meantime, you could accomplish this with a custom macro. The enhanced table macro might be a good reference / starting point for this type of macro.



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    I'd really like this also.  I'm building a dashboard of defect activity, showing the most recent logged defects.  In SQL, I would write something like: "select top 10 * and a ordby clause"  In MQL, it might be:

    {{  table    query: SELECT top 10 number, name, 'Claimed by, owner, 'QA Platform', 'QAT Browser', whiteboard WHERE type = defect order by 'Added on' desc}}

    This would give me a list of the last 10 opened defects....  As it is, I an do it by relative time (like last 2 days), but depending on activity, that really makes the list length accordion.  I want to limit it to a specific size.


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    Michael Green

    We'd like this too.. we have a table on our overview page with "highest effort cards" or similar, that we currently manually adjust the threshhold... would be nice to have it just get the top-n of them.



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