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    Badri Janakiraman

    Hey Lisa - Do you know what it is that you want to tune? The default configuration that Mingle ships is tuned to perform well when used on hardware in line with specifications. Unless you are seeing slowness or performance problems, we do not recommend any tuning.

    If on the other hand, you are facing issues, we would recommend sending the same things as mentioned on the other post; including your machine specs, and logs, to, before we can make any concrete recommendations.

    Also, Mingle is configured to run with a 1GB heap. This is not related to the number of projects you have on your instance. This means that it is as-designed for a Mingle instance to take 1.2GB of memory. This is well within limits and is not a number you can reduce. 

    For Postgres, we would recommend that you enable autovacuum for the database that Mingle works against. Also, at least once a week, we would reccommend that you do a full vacuum with analyze to keep the database compact and running fast.

    To improve Jetty performance, we would recommend placing Mingle behind an Apache instance configured to serve Mingle’s static data(data within the MINGLE_DATA_DIR/public folder is all static). This would reduce the load on Jetty.

    Hope that helps.

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