Help with a pie chart for my aggregate?




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    Michael Decleene

    Have you read the Mingle documentation on "Creating Charts and Tables"?  There's a section on building pie charts, and it seems to map very well to what you're looking for.  I believe aggregate properties work just fine in MQL syntax.

    If you've tried this and are having problems, can you be a little more specific on what you've tried and what you're seeing?

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    Suzie Prince

    Hi Thomas

    Mike is correct you should take a look at our help to see if you can create the chart you want by using what is described there. In addition I can confirm that you should be able to use aggregate properties in MQL.

    In this case however, you probably don't need to use your aggregate property. You can select for 'module' and then aggregate the 'estimate' on all cards with 'module' to create the pie chart you want. I think you could use the following macro to create something you are looking for:

        data: SELECT module, sum(estimate)

    If you require further assistance please let us know.


    - Suzie

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