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    Suzie Prince


    We currently do not have 'created by' fully supported in Mingle. You can see this on list view columns and, like you said, in the history of the cards. This is however, not supported in MQL.

    There has been a long standing feature request (see list below) to support 'created on', 'modified on', 'created by' and 'modified by' in card filters and MQL but until recently the team had not prioritised this feature. We have however, recently begun addressing some of this request, when in the 3.0 release 'created on' and 'modified on' will be supported in MQL. It is our intention to further add support for 'created by' and 'modified by' in future releases.

    In the meantime, I find that using 'created by' in the list view and sorting by that column helps me to find a list of cards created by a specified user fairly easily although I understand this will be harder than just filtering by that user.

    Thanks Suzie

    Here are some related requests for this feature:

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    Matt Quagliana

    You need to get this data into a card property into order to filter or report on it. For now (Mingle 2.3.1) you need to get the "Created by" data into card property that you create.

    The "Created by" value does not get included when you export to Excel, but there is a (somewhat manual) way to get this data into a card property.

    1. Create a new property of type "team", call it "Creator" (or whatever) and set its default value to "Current User". Also set it to "Transition Only" so it can't be easily changed.

    2. Go to the All tab and filter it to show the cards in question

    3. Show the "Created by" column and sort by it.

    4. Using the checkboxes on the left side of the table to select all of the cards created by a single user

    5. Tag all of the selected card en masse with the Mingle login name of the card creator (use the "Tag" widget above the list)

    6. Repeat step 6 for each person who has created cards

    7. Export the card data to Excel and use the tags data to populate the "Creator" property. The simplest method is to just change the title of the "Tags" column to "Creator". Be sure to delete any "non-Creator" tags, if you have any.

    8. Import the updated data. You only need to import the Number column and the Creator column... feel free to drop the other columns in the spreadsheet before you do the import.

    9. Delete the tags.

    If you set up the default value for Creator (Step 1) you won't have to repeat this process in the future.

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