How-to add a link to create a new task associated to a story




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    Chris Leon

    What I did was set up a card tree, Iteration->Story->Task.  Then at one point, we select what stories we might want to tackle in an iteration.  Then during the planning game when we're tasking them out, I set up a tree view on that tree on a particular iteration.

    Then I use quick add (the plus sign on the bottom of each story card) to add a bunch of tasks at once.

    Note that I haven't actually used this in practice yet, so far it's only on the level of seems like a good way to me.  Also, there's other things I'd like to do in card tree that I can't do directly, like setting estimates on each task (see my post).

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    Marc-Antoine Ross

    Actually that works well for us! Thanks Chris.

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    Patrick Power

    Have you found a way to easily roll-up task-level estimates to the feature level?  We'd like to use Feature-Story-Task/Bug but I haven't found a way to roll up estimates more than one level.

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    Chris Leon

    Set an aggregate function on your card tree at the feature level, aggregating as the sum of the task estimates.  That property will show up on your features.  We use it to show story total estimated work after we estimate tasks.

    More complete explanation here.

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