How to chart a line showing planned velocity in a data series chart?




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    Adam Monago

    Hi Dan,

    If you go to the page below, you can read about the parameters on the Data Series Chart which will allow you to do a burn up.  You will want to use the 'trend' parameters; the trend-scope parameter should let you adjust what previous periods you want to use as the basis/strategy for your trend (e.g. last iteration, last three iterations, etc).

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    Daniel T. Abel

    Thanks for the reply. trends are cool, but there aren't what we want, not exactly.

    We want a baseline of when we would be finished if we had predicable identical points delivered though every iteration, so we can see the difference between the expected and actual - the trend being the actual.

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    Dheeraj Reddy

    I created a property called "Planned Complete" in an Iteration card. Then I plot a line from these values


    label: planned completion

    color: HotPink

    type: line

    data: SELECT 'Name', SUM('Planned Completion'), WHERE Type = Iteration


    What this essentially give me is another series/line which rises till the scope line letting you know what the planned completion is. I have a another line to show actual completion (with trend). At any time you can compare the two lines to see if you are ahead, behind or on par with the plan.

    The series mentioned here, I have use 'NAME' as the property because I am using cards to track my iterations (hence i can add a property to them) and another assumption, there is a series which is in place before this series. Th first series decides the values to plot against.

    You can do some other useful stuff using the data series chart on this, adam provided the link in his message. I've attached a screen shot of the report (there is no baseline in this one)

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    Dheeraj Reddy

    Hope that was helpful

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    Daniel T. Abel

    we have set up 'Planned Velocity' as a property on 'Iteration' cards. Its set to be 'Any number'.  We've set this value on each of our iteration cards, but when we add that to the graph we get a line following zero.

    the addition to the chart looked like this:

        - label: Original Plan
          color: purple
          type: line
          data: SELECT 'Iteration Planning - Iteration', SUM('Planned Velocity') WHERE TYPE = 'Iteration'

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    Suzie Prince


    I think the problem here is that the MQL you have specified in your data parameter of the new series returns no results. I expect that "Iteration Planning - Iteration" is a tree relationship property on story cards and not on iteration cards. Therefore, if you specify "Iteration Planning - Iteration" and then WHERE type = Iteration the result will be no cards (and therefore, a line following zero).

    Dheeraj suggested in his post that you use:

    SELECT name, SUM('Planned Velocity') WHERE TYPE = 'Iteration'

    if you are using Iteration as cards but I suspect that this may also give you a zero line as you will be plotting against 'Iteration Planning - Iteration" with values such as "#1 Iteration 1", "#2 Iteration 2" etc... on one series and name with values such as "Iteration 1", "Iteration 2" etc... on the new series. As the values of the two series are not the same one series will always give a zero line.

    One way to resolve this is to give a 'planned time' to each story and then sum this up for each iteration, for example:

    SELECT 'Iteration Planning - Iteration', SUM('planned time') WHERE type = story

    I'm not sure how convenient this is for you but it may help.


    - Suzie

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