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    I am faced with the same problem. We are setting up a burndown to express release progress and the fact that the Y axis starts so high makes the visual missleading (looks like we are much closer to done than we are). Will share screenshots or MQL if that would help - does anyone have a suggestion that will force Y to start at zero?

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    Suzie Prince

    Hi guys

    We currently do not have a way to force the zero on the y axis but it would be possible for us to add this in. We have a story for this but it has not been prioritised. I will update this story with your requests. We will let you know if this gets prioritised.


    - Suzie

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    Hi Suzie Prince

    Any news on this feature?

    - Andreas

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    Suzie Prince

    Hi Andreas

    I have updated the team that there are a few more requests for this feature and it is still in the queue for prioritisation. We will update this space if and when we plan to build this.

    Thanks for your interest.

    - Suzie

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    Sean Stolberg

    Several of the teams piloting Mingle are really turned off by this affect, and Mingle's general lack of a good burn down chart implementation. I hear quite frequently that they want to see the ideal burn down line rather than the trend line. This may not seem like that big of a deal but when folks are considering paying money for a tool rather than using an open source one, the bar becomes higher for implementation.

    Please consider prioritizing a true burn-down chart for Mingle; folks using Mingle to implement Scrum expect it.


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    Michael Patricios

    I consider this to be a significant feature request too. Our burndowns were very misleading when the y axis didn't start on 0 (people often don't read the axis, just look at the graph). I tried the workaround, but it looked ugly. Also, we wanted an ideal line, which Mingle didn't do out of the box. I subsequently wrote a macro to draw the graphs with Google Charts instead. I would also suggest increasing the priority on this story and to add one to optionally draw an ideal line too.

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    Ditto.  This is a huge feature gap for Scrum users.

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    Phil Brown

    As a workaround I added a series with a transparent color and with a condition that will force the return number to be 0.  Not great, but it works.


    aggregate: SUM ('Remaining Time (Hrs)')
    start-date: (Sprint Start Date)
    end-date: (Sprint End Date)
    chart-width: 650
    plot-width: 450
    chart-height: 350
    plot-height: 250
    y-title: Remaining Hours
    chart-conditions: type = Task AND AND Sprint = (Current Sprint)
    - label: Remaining
    color: red
    - label: .
    color: transparent
    hidden: true
    conditions: Number = 0 AND Name = 'Dummy Series to force Y Axis to start at 0'

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