Mingle 3_4 broke Add Columns feature




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    Suzie Prince

    Hi Ellen


    This is not an issue we have seen before. We have a few more questions to troubleshoot this:

    • Is this on a list or a grid view?

    • Are you saving as a team favorite or a personal favorite?

    • What browser are you using?

    • What type of property is the column property?


    - Suzie

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    Ellen Meserow

    This is a grid view
    Tried saving as both personal, team, and team tab...
    Using Firefox on a Mac and Chrome on a PC
    Column Property is a managed text list...


    At first I thought it was because we started using the Group By Row feature (which we love) but we have reproduced it without that feature on personal favorites too.

    Here's what happens (always, easily reproducible for us):  We realize the card view we are looking at is missing an important column, add it in, it shows up, then we save the favorite (but the icon that shows whether you've changed a favorite doesn't change -- still shows the circular refresh arrow like you're on an unsaved favorite).  When you leave the screen and come back, it has removed the important columns again.  Like it didn't save, though I am getting it to save sort of sometimes -- it's like it now has a limit on how many columns it will show, and it decides for us which middle columns it will decide we don't need.  Very strange.

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    Suzie Prince


    Sorry you are experiencing this issue.

    I think we need more information on this issue as I am still unable to reproduce it on our end.

    I have informed our support team and they would like to work directly with you on this to help resolve the issue. As such we request you email support@thoughtworks.com with a link to this post so they may contact you directly via email on next steps.

    I hope we can resolve this for you quickly and let you get the value from Mingle 3.4.

    Thanks for contacting us

    - Suzie

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    Ellen Meserow

    Solved it!  It appears I was using an option-dash like this:  –  instead of - in the name of my status, and that was throwing 3.4 for a loop.  Never had this problem in 3.3, but now that I edited the status name, our columns are stable and save-able again. Thanks!

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