Mingle altering img src attribute and breaking URI




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    David Rice

    Hi Mark -

    You can embed images in Mingle using the following syntax:


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    Mark Crossfield

    Hi David

    Thanks for the reply. I'm aware I can include images using that format, but unfortunately I have the same problem. It does appear to cope with the contrived example I included, but not with what I'm actually trying to do. The following Mingle code reproduces the error I'm seeing, which now seems to be related to the bracket:


    comes out as:


    rather than

    <img src="http://some-server.co.uk/(" />

    I appreciate that this is an unlikely URI - you'll have to trust me that the URI I want to use includes brackets :)

    Cheers, Mark


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    David Rice

    Hi Mark -

    Parens are indeed legal in a URL. There must be a parsing bug in Mingle.

    As a work around, can you try using the URL-encoded forms -- %28 for left paren, %29 for right ?

    My quick test shows that Mingle renders this correctly.

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