How to track hangover in Mingle



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    Ian Bridson

     Hi Roohi

    At first I thought this was a very seasonal question - never considered using mingle to track the outcome of too much festivities over the holidays Laughing

    But seriously it depends on what properties you have for tracking card planning and when they get updated. For instance I think 'Added to scope' is a typical property to derive story TTL, and if this is set when you allocate a story an iteration then you can use this to see which iteration it was planned for, but more likely this is used to record when it entered the overall backlog ( with status of 'New', for instance), so you may need another property, say 'Added to iteration' which is set when you add the story to an iteration backlog (could use a transition to help you set a number of other properties too).

    Assuming that you have a proprrty, Iteration, that captures which iteration the story is currently in, then you could compare Total planning estimates for 'Iteration' and 'Added to iteration' properties to see how your planned velocity compares to your actual velocity.

    Merry Christmas


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