Mingle 3.4 on OS X Lion: Cannot start MingleServer: 8080 port is in use




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    Hi Frank,

    You can customize Mingle's default port 8080 by changing -Dmingle.port in Mingle's mingle.properties file. For more information, please go to our help page Advanced Configuration, section "Configuring a port."

    It also appears that Mingle cannot start its embedded memcache server at its default port 11211. You can also similarly change this port if you wish via -Dmingle.memcachedPort. Please see the section "Configuring memcached host and port" for more information.

    Lastly, please ensure there isn't already a running Mingle instance. You can check this in a terminal prompt "ps aux | grep mingle" to see if there are any running processes mentioning "mingle."


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    Frank DG1SBG

    Thanks, Stephen, works like a charm now!

    I moved both ports to a non-assigned value and all is well.

    One wish that I have for the product development team:

    If at all possible don't just put the exception backtrace in the log file, but also print something like

    "This error is likely caused by the fact that another mingle instance is already running or another application has taken the ports 8080 and/or 11211. You may wish to change the parameters mingle.port and /......... " You know what I mean.

    Also, I'd suggest you test again the installation procedure on OS X Lion Server - as I said, it was a stock Mac mini with a fresh OS X Lion install plus Server install without any changes. So it's like to affect others, too.

    Thanks again!



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