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    Huimin Li

    Hi Caleb:

    I can understand why your ratio bar chart always gives you 100% or 0. In your example, each bar represents an individual story card, and the "restrict-ratio-with" condition is "status < close". So, for each bar, it is either "status < close" or "status >= close". That's why the percentage of "status < close" is either 100% or 0. 

    For the chart you need. I think you can try this one: 



        conditions: Type = Story AND 'Planning - Sprint' = (CURRENT SPRINT)

        cumulative: false

        labels: SELECT number


        - data: SELECT number, sum("Percent Worked")

          label: Series

          combine: overlay-bottom


    This charts may not be able give you nice percentage number as value of y-axix, however it should be able to provide the story completion information you need. Let me know whether this works for you. And also you can find more information about Mingle chart on this help link.

    Thank you very much!

    -- Huimin 

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    Caleb Tenberge

    Thank you Huimin. The stack-bar-chart fills my needs better than the ratio-bar-chart did. Thank you for the comment and suggestion.

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