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    Jay Mitchell

    Thanks Len. I've added this to the Mingle backlog.

    I've heard of a few workarounds for this behavior.

    Some people have used cards numbers as tags. To see how many cards are associated with a particular card, you would use the "Add tags" portion of the filter. You can also See a list of the cards that are tagged with this card's card number with a table query that uses "TAGGED WITH" MQL feature.

    Other people have used murmurs to associate cards. When you add a murmur as a comment on a card, any card numbers in the murmur will link the cards together. For example, if you open card #2 and murmur that, "this relies on card #1", then you will see that murmur on card #2 and card #1. This is less formal than the tagging approach, but has the advantage of allowing you to add context.

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