How does the Sprint backlog tab work??




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    Jay Mitchell

    It looks like you are using a project that is created from the Scrum template. The Story Board tab is configured to show specific grid lanes. The "New" lane is excluded. If you move that card to "Ready for Analysis" you should be able to see it on the Story Board as well. Stories created in projects based on the Scrum template should have their status set to "Ready for Analysis" by default, so this shouldn't generally be an issue.


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    Matt Quagliana

    In 3.2, you should use the "Add to Current Sprint" or "Add to Next Sprint" transitions. These transtions move the story to the current or next sprint and change the status from New to Ready for Analysis. Of course, you need to set the project variable for Current Sprint and Next Sprint in order for these transitions to have the desired effect.

    In 3.3 we simplified the Scrum template. The "New" status is gone, as are the "Add to Current Sprint" or "Add to Next Sprint" transitions. The goal here was to simply things. In 3.3 you can add Stories to a spring using the Sprint Planning team favorite.

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