Creating a new child card and setting the parent property on that new card




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    Jay Mitchell

    Hi Joe,

    You have a few options.

    If the Project and Risk card types are in tree, and your Project card is in a tree, then on the Project card you will see a link to add children to the tree. The link will be next to the tree name in the properties section of the Project card.

    If the Project and Risk card types aren't in a tree, or if you want to set other properties on the Risk card (e.g., status in your example) that are different from the Risk card defaults, then you can take the approach you were trying and add a link to the Project card. The link for this would be:

    <a href="/projects/{{project}}/cards/new?properties[status]=open&properties[type]=risk&properties[Related Project]={{ value query: SELECT number WHERE number=THIS CARD.number }}">Add a Risk</a>


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    Joseph M Zenevitch


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