[Implemented-3.3] As an admin I want to see a list of project teams a user is on




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    Suzie Prince


    There are a few things to know here.

    • I'm not sure why you are deleting users but FYI deactivated users cannot login to the instance and do not use up a license seat.

    • If the users have any history in any project, even if you remove the user from the project, you will not be able to delete the user from the instance. 

    • There is no way to see a list of all the projects a user is a member of. This is something we hope to add in our next release. You may find using the User API to get all users for a project (e.g. /api/v2/projects/project_identifier/users.xml) easier to use and as an alternative in the meantime.


    - Suzie

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    Jay Mitchell

    Hi Olivier,

    We have added the ability to add users to multiple projects at once in Mingle 3.3. That story includes the ability to see the projects that a user belongs to.

    For you main concern of clearing the user list, we have added the ability to hide deactivated users.


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    Olivier Grandjean

    I saw that, on the video. Thanks.

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