Can Mingle Monitor Two SVN Repos for Same Project?




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    Cliff Morehead

    Hi Jon,

    Mingle projects can only be linked to a single SVN repository.

    I'm sure you have a good reason for wanting keeping your Selenium Tests in a separate repository, what were the design considerations behind that decision?

    The best workaround I can think of would be something along these lines

    1. create a property in your "Alpha" and "Beta" projects that can be update with information about the "Testing" checkins

    2. create a subversion post-commit hook for the "Testing Project" repository that uses the Mingle API to update the property created in step 1 for the relevant card

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    Jon Jaroker

    Hello Cliff,

    Project A was the initial project.  Later, we added project B as a separate repository.  Project B is the liferay portal that provides CMS, wiki, forum and SSO functionality for Project A.  The Testing project has selenium tests that use methods common to both A and B.  Since the code base and developers for A, B and Testing are different we decided to make these separate repositories.

    From our technical and business needs, this type of svn structure makes sense.  But Mingle can no longer track code changes to Testing from within the A or B project.  Testing Scenarios are children to Stories in the A and B projects; it is very useful to see how the Selenium test code matches with the Story realization.

    I was hoping that there would be an internal settings configuration that would allow Mingle to monitor two or more SVN roots, but that is not possible.

    I am planning to solve this in one of two ways:

    • Move A, B and Testing into separate branches underneath a new parent repository, but this may be problematic because Mingle will haver overlapping card numbers for projects A and B

    • Force developers to use cross-project identifiers in card keywords, but it is not clear from the Mingle 3.1 documentation whether cross project card linking extends to SVN commit messages. 

    Thank you for you suggestion about the post-commit hook.

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    Cliff Morehead

    Hi Jon,

    I just checked with the Mingle product team and confirmed that cross-project linking does extend to SVN commit messages, so the second option you mentioned could work.

    We've made a note to try to clarify the documentation in that area, thanks!

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