Creating a new card from an existing one




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    Andy Yates

    Hi Chris --

    The issue with the URL that you are using is that (this card) is MQL, and the wiki pages don't pick it up and interpret it as such automatically.

    The ability to add child cards for the current card is already present in Mingle - I mentioned it my comments to in an earlier thread:

    hope that helps

    -- Andy

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    Chris Leon

    Of course, I totally forgot about that.  Thanks for the pointer, we'll do that.

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    Chris Leon

    I've been holding off changing the process as Andy suggested because using the + sign was really slow for us before Mingle 3.3.

    Now that it's fast (thanks!), I talked our users through trying the new approach.  But sadly, it doesn't work nearly as well as the MQL hyperlink does.

    The fundamental problem I'm trying to solve is that when a story is in test, I want a way for issues with that story to be immediately evident to the developers who are going to be dealing with it.  In our set up, the developers are using the dev wall, a grid view that shows Tasks and Bugs.  Testers are using a QA wall for testing Stories and Bugs.

    If a bug is in testing, and gets sent back, it immediately shows up on the Dev wall.  But Stories don't show up on the dev wall.  Thus my desire to have the action of marking a Story unfixed be replaced by creating a new Bug associated with that story.

    Generally, creating a new bug is more than just typing in a title.  A MQL link (which we currently have in special:headers, new Bug) lets the user create the card with detail.  The plus sign doesn't, and in fact doesn't even leave you with a link to the newly created card(s) for you to click through.  You basically need to go to some other view to type in detail, way too many clicks.

    Any suggestions?

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