Why is Mingle trying to 'hack' our repository?



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    Badri Janakiraman

    Hello - I would like to assure you that Mingle is not trying to hack your Subversion repository. Mingle's source control integration works by querying the version control system with the credentials provided, and pulling data into Mingle for faster access. This work is done in batches, and you will notice the Mingle process logging in successfully to pull data out of Subversion many times a day, provided it is configure correctly.

    You say that your source control integration is working fine. This though is a per-project setting. Are there other projects on the same Mingle instance and are they all configured correctly? Perhaps a template that was created from your project that someone else has created a project from? To identify if a project is configured correctly, check to see if you see a "Source" tab in Mingle for the project(s) in question, and if you can navigate to it without problems. Also keep in mind that you have to be a member of a project to see its data. If you are not a member of all projects on the Mingle instance, this may be a task for your Mingle Administrator.

    If all the above turn out to be negative, please forward your mingle log files over to our support team, and we can help you identify what project is configured incorrectly.

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