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    Adam Monago

    Hi Travis,

    Most of our customers have their own time tracking solutions in place, so it has been something we have not focused on. While time tracking is clearly not one of the things that Mingle was designed for, one of the practices that we have seen in place with a couple of our customers has been to use what they called an ‘effort’ card that they would associate with any of their work items when work was performed. The properties on the card were the date the work happened, the number of hours spent, and the individual team member. The name of the card contained a description of what work they did for their own reference.

    One of these clients used a bit of javascript in the special header to prompt the user for the card number that they wanted to input time for, so that the association was created automatically.

    Not sure if this type of solution works for you, but it worked fine for them. Glad to hear what others have done in this regard.

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    Russell Ball


    We have a similar issue when updating cards where it would be nice to click on a special header link and input the card number and its assocaited card value and post it to the card without having to open the card.

    Do you (anyone) have an example of Javascript for mingle

    Does every javascript work in Mingle wiki pages or do i need a special format.

    What is the format of URL to get the card properties or just use a GET?



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    Suzie Prince


    You may find our API documentation available here useful to you. This gives you details of how to get and update information about Mingle cards (amongst other things) via our api and may help you build a solution for updating card properties without the need to open the cards.

    I hope this helps.

    - Suzie

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    Dave Hitchman

    I guess the website has changed a bit, I see a reference to the API documentation and all the products mingle integrates with but I don't see the API document... it might be a little less obvious or something??

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    @Dave H: Sorry, yes, the URL has changed. You can find the API documentation here:


    It's actually just part of the help documentation that is always available from within Mingle itself (via a link in the footer).

    But your question highlighted something for me: that we should make the API doco more visible and accessible from our main website, as well. So, thanks!

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