Custom headings for a table macro




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    Suzie Prince

    Hey Ben

    There is no way to override the generated headings on the standard macros. I know it is unlikely you would want to do this but you could rename those properties and this would update the headings to match.

    However, likely more useful to you is the ability to create bespoke macros. To find out more about Mingle macro development look out for the Mingle 2.2 release which is coming very soon.


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    Benjamin Butler-Cole

    Naming table columns seems like a fairly frequent need (and the equivalent is possible with charts). Is there any point in me entering a feature request?

    An alternative (but presumably more costly) fix would be to add an SQL-like “as” feature to MQL.


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    Suzie Prince

    Hi Ben (and anyone else who is interested in this feature)

    An enhanced table macro has been built using the custom macro development toolkit I mentioned in my earlier post. I think this should meet your needs.

    - Suzie

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