Can I use 'Today' keyword in chart macro?




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    Matt Deniston

    I would be very interested in the answer to this – I’ve tried to do the same thing, to no avail.

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    Joe Homs

    Hey Guys, it looks like this might help you

    You need to have both start and end labels and the Today keyword needs to be used as (Today) with the parenthesis.

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    Matt Deniston

    Thanks for the reference Joe.

    However using x-label-end: (Today) as the posting from Adam instructs doesn’t seem to work for me – I get the following error: “Error in data-series-chart macro: Parameter x-labels-end must be a valid date.”

    I tried with and without single quotes around (Today), same error. The full context of my usage is:

    conditions: (('Type' = Story or 'Type' = Defect) AND NOT 'Added On' = NULL) AND 'Planning - Sprint' = ('Current Sprint')
    x-title: Sprint
    y-title: Total Story Points
    x-labels-start: '13 Feb 2009'
    x-labels-end: (Today)
    x-labels-step: 5
    chart-height: 400
    chart-width: 600
    plot-height: 300
    plot-width: 400
    show-start-label: false
    data-labels: false
    cumulative: true
    - label: Total Scope
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    Dave Hitchman

    :) Found this thread in 2015... the posts-781 appears to be long gone but I am having the same problem with Today as mentioned above... on a SAAS implementation so it should be up to date... nothing with Today seems to work  :(

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    Leo Kwong

    Hey Dave,

    It looks like Erin has already picked up your support ticket regarding this issue, but just for everyone else's knowledge; TODAY cannot be used in Daily History Charts because they are based on historical data and there are certain restrictions that prevent us from enabling the use of TODAY. 



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