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    Jay Mitchell

    Hi Kurt,

    I haven't come across this. It's fairly difficult to say what might be going wrong without more information. If you log a support request, they may be able to help.

    Good luck,


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    Kurt Fenstermacher

    Thanks, Jay,  I did put in a support request (#5894); I'll post any interesting resolution back here.

    Any thoughts on whether my whole approach is reasonable? Should I go through REST? SQL? I don't think I can do bulk property edits because I want to "rename" some properties (such as the Criticality -> Priority, where Criticality does't exist as a property in the new card type and so will be dropped). Certainly round-tripping this in Excel would be easiest for me, but I'm open to suggestions.

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    Jay Mitchell

    Depending on the scope of what you are doing, here are some possible tips.

    • Whenever possible, use Mingle to change the structure of the data. E.g., if you are simply renaming a property or a managed property value, just rename them in Mingle. If a property doesn't apply to a card type, disassociate it from the card type in Mingle.

    • If you are replacing a property, and the value of the new property is based on the value of the old property, you can often use bulk update to set the value of the new property. After the new property has the correct values, you can delete the old property.

    • When creating properties with Excel import, make sure that the newly created properties have the correct type. Mingle does a good job of guessing the type of the new property, but you'll want to double check it.

    Those tips are generally the order I would try to do things. First, see if you can make changes with Projet Admin. Then try to use bulk update. Then resort to Excel. That's just me, though. If you're more familiar with Excel than bulk update, preferring Excel instead is reasonable. If those approaches don't work, I would then go with REST.

    Using SQL to manipulate Mingle data is a bad idea. It's the quickest way to accidentally get your Mingle database into an unrecoverably bad state.

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    Kurt Fenstermacher

    Thanks for the tips, Jay. I was able to do much of what I wanted in Mingle, but fell back on Excel a few times. I did find that the fewer properties I updated through import, the easier it was. (So long as I had the card number in the row, I was able to update just what I needed.)

    By the way, my problem above turned out to be a bug in Mingle (cofirmed with a repro I sent along with the support request). Mingle was choking on the double quote character (") that appeared in the Name filed for several of my records. One character anywhere hosed everything but the last record (which I assume had its own, bug-free, row-handling code).

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