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    Jay Mitchell

    There are several options available to enter information when executing a transition.

    In the transition actions section for a property, you can set a particular property to be either (user input - optional) or (user input - required).

    • (user input - optional) allows the person executing the transition to enter a property value.

    • (user input - required) requires the person to enter a property value, otherwise the transition will not be executed.

    You can also select "Require team members to add a comment when they use this transition" if a comment must be entered. Otherwise, if either (user input - optional) or (user input - required) are used, the user will have an opportunity to enter a comment, but won't be required to enter the comment.

    More information can be found in the transition help topic.

    Welcome to the community. I encourage you to update your user name and stay awhile. Smile

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    Thank you for your kind welcome.

    Ideally, I'd like for there to be a custom function--I suppose it doesn't have to be a transition--that will show a custom dialog with two text fields (one for the Title and one for the description), along with several check boxes.  I'd like to further automate setting up Stories and creation of Feature cards.


    1) Use puts in Story information--title and description--and hits my button.

    2) My custom form would appear, allowing the user to make several choices via check boxes, and edit the title and description.  The user would either hit OK or Cancel.

    3) Based on the choices made on the check boxes, Feature cards would be created with the Title and description filled in.  For choices "Investigate", "Make Recommendation", and "Review Recommendation", if the Investigate option was checked a feature card with "Title (Investigation)" as the title, the description from the Story.  These feature cards would then be associated with the Story card.  Then the user could add specific language for each step, while maintaining the general language from the story.

    Any ideas?

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    Jay Mitchell

    "Investigate", "Make Recommendation", and "Review Recommendation" might either be tags or property values in the Mingle world, but I'm not entirely certain I follow what you're trying to accomplish.

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    Good morning,

    Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to this, but I got pulled away to do other things.

    In poking around the discussions, I see that several people have requested/suggested a card copy function.  My team really needs to be able to copy cards--we often have similar cards which can cross sprints.

    In my ideal implementation--which I am aware would need to be customized--I'd like a form to appear on an event (assuming a button press).  This form would have several check boxes with the steps in our process--"Investigate", "Make Recommendation", "Design", "Design Review", etc.  Then it would create a card for each of the selected check boxes with identical characteristics of the parent card and then either tagged with "Investigate", "Design", "Design Review", et al or that the title would be changed to "X Title (Investigate)", "X Title (Make Recommendation)", "X Title (Design)", etc.  So if you selected "Investigate" and "Make Recommendation"--then it would create two cards, one marked as the "Investigate" and one marked "Make Recommendation".

    The copy of the card seems to be covered here:

    So, is there an API or something that I can plug into with like JRuby or Jython or something and get a form to appear through that?

    Best regards!

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