Null values for aggregate tree properties




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    Shame I can't do arithmetic! That should be 50 points of course.

    Foot in mouth

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    Joshua R Cronemeyer

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for taking the time to describe your problem. This is something other customers have struggled with too. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that current and older versions of Mingle can not treat 'not set' as zero for formulas. The good news is that our forthcoming 3.3.1 release makes formulas configurable to allow 'not set' to be treated as zero! 3.3.1 is scheduled to release at the end of June.

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    Huimin Li

    Hey Andy:

    The "configurable formulas" is available in Mingle 3.3.1 now. 


    -- Huimin

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